October 2017 – Oklahoma Province OCDS
This statement supersedes all previous statements on Titles of Devotion and Names in Religion.

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Use of Titles of Devotion Policy

As stated in the 2016 Statutes sec.I.5, OCDS members’ baptismal names are retained.  By “baptismal name” the member’s normal given name is intended.

Members may take a simple title of devotion when they make their First Promise, if they wish.  Titles of devotion are not used as members’ “name in religion.”

Communities are to use members’ legal names in community documents and records.  This includes rosters, attendance and financial records, meeting minutes, and reports.

Members are not to be given the title “Sister” or “Brother” with their name in community documents.  Nor is it appropriate to use these titles in any sort of official way, such as when taking attendance or introducing a member as a speaker.

One may address a gathering of OCDS as “brothers and sisters” or sign correspondence as “your brother/sister in Carmel.”  One may also call a fellow member “brother N” or “sister N” as an informal term of affection.

In addition, communities are requested to use the name of their city when corresponding with the Province or the Order.


The online document is the only one to be considered official.