Revised June 2017 – Oklahoma Province OCDS
This statement supersedes all previous statements on Isolates.

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Isolate Member Norms

Read first 2016 Statutes sections VIII.6, XVII, and XVIII

“A professed member for whom excessive distance has become a significant obstacle to attendance at the nearest community’s meetings may be granted ‘isolate’ status by the local Council [Art.56].” 

Aged and infirm members are not referred to as Isolates.  An isolate member may be later re-designated as an Infirm member if he becomes aged or ill.  An Isolate who has become aged/infirm receives the same consideration as other Infirm members.



Community life is essential to the OCDS vocation.  If a member moves and is near another community, he must make a good faith effort to transfer.  The member should make a serious effort to accommodate himself to the new community.  A community should not reject a transfer request without just reason.


Formation for the Promise

An aspirant may not become an isolate.

A person in Formation I (clothed) may not become an isolate.

A member in Formation II (has made First Promise) may become an isolate, and finish formation under the guidance of a canonical Community, but not under a Study Group.  The member should make every effort to be conscientious about the studies and discussion with his/her formator.  If the member does not take his/her formation seriously, it would be a strong sign that there is not a vocation to OCDS.


See the Statutes section IX Dismissals.  An isolate that drops contact with the Community may be liable for dismissal.  Local Councils are not to let members simply “drift away.”


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