Revised June 2017 – Oklahoma Province OCDS
This statement supersedes all previous statements on fundraising.

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Fundraising policy

Read first 2016 Statutes, Section XIV 

Dues should be set appropriately to cover normal expenses over a three year period.  This includes funds to be set aside for the cost of the provincial visitation, attending the leadership workshops, and sending representatives to the Plenary Council meeting.


Fundraising activities

Community organized fundraising is appropriate for legitimate community projects and needs.  Fundraising is not to be done for outside interests and causes, however worthy.

Fundraising projects should not be a frequent or ongoing burden on the community members.

Fundraising projects should not reflect negatively on the spiritual dignity of the community.


Special collections

Statutes XIV.3: Dues collected should include some portion to be distributed to help the poor and/or help support the nuns and friars of the Order [Art. 55]

In addition, a voluntary special collection may be made for humanitarian reasons, such as a natural disaster or serious emergency.

Communities may have a long-term voluntary fund for apostolic purposes, such as supporting a missionary.


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