Revised August 2017 – Oklahoma Province OCDS
This policy statement supersedes all previous policy statements on attendance.

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Apostolates of Carmelite Seculars

Read first 2016 Statutes III and OCDS Constitutions Art. 25-28

Both individual and community apostolates are expected of Carmelite Seculars.


Community apostolates

The primary apostolate of an OCDS Community is to share Carmelite spirituality.

Ideally, the apostolate will include some level of personal contact and interaction.  Communities may also have a secondary apostolate of serving the poor or the needs of the Church.  These two may be combined.

While the “apostolate of prayer” is appropriate for the OCD cloistered nuns, OCDS are called to have a more active apostolate, sharing Carmelite spirituality within the Church and out in society.  We are seculars – meaning our sphere of activity is in the world.

Everyone in the Community ought to contribute to the apostolate in some way.  Aged and infirm members may contribute by offering their prayers and sufferings.


Personal apostolates

Individual apostolates do not have to have to be Church-based.

Aged and infirm members have the apostolate of prayer and suffering in union with Christ.


Study Groups

Study Groups are not required to have a Community apostolate.  However they may have an apostolate if they choose.

Study Groups are encouraged to explore what apostolate they may wish to have once they are canonically erected.

Individual Study Group members are expected to have a personal apostolate.


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