Revised June 2017 – Oklahoma Province OCDS
This policy statement supersedes all previous policy statements on attendance.

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Community Attendance Policies

Communities are to have a written attendance policy.

The policy ought to be reviewed in community yearly to be sure everyone is aware and understands.

Adjustments may be made if the policy is not worded well, not working well, or is not in line with the OCDS Constitutions and Statutes.


Note to local Councils:

This document is for reference only.  Please do not simply copy and paste.  Please simplify and adapt to your community’s needs.


Before they start, local Councils should be thoroughly familiar with Constitutions article 24 and Statutes Section VIII before composing the community’s attendance policy.

For members in difficult circumstances, see Statutes VIII 5-8, regarding Aged/Infirm, Isolate, Extended Excused Absence, and Leave of Absence.


The policy should include:

  • Who members are to call if they are going to be absent
  • Who they are to call if they were absent and were not able to call beforehand
  • Guidance on what type of absences are excused
    (serious, unavoidable, related to the person’s duties of life)
  • Whether attendance at an OCDS provincial, national, or international event (i.e. Congress, workshops, symposiums) counts as an absence
  • How absences are to be addressed by the Council
  • How missed formation lessons are to be made up (for those in formation for clothing or the Promise)
  • The Council may wish to link absences with extensions of formation periods



The online document is the only one to be considered official.